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You should be fearless to pursue your dreams because success is not found in results but efforts. Fear is only a story we tell ourselves because all it stands for is “False Evidence Appearing Real.” The only difference between who you want to be and who you are is action. If you have a dream, you need to work hard for it to make a slight difference.
All it takes is consistency and will to become inspiring from being inspired.

Sukhen is a passionate blogger & internet marketing consult and had a passion for release celebrity news, leadership, web marketing, entertainment, lifestyle, travel & tourism and inspiring cultural news. He was very hardcore lover about various 2d & 3d video games like mostofa, double dragon, street fighter and many more when his age 11 and a very addiction about reading all kinds of Nobel books when he finished primary school. He is the big fan of Sherlock Holmes, A suitable boy, How the Steel Was Tempered – Nikolai Ostrovsky, Parthib and various communism books including Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Karl Marx, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and more. He has been implementing internet marketing strategy since he start online journey in 2007. Strategic and result orientated internet marketing consult with 10 years of online marketing solutions and leadership experience Mr. Sukhen has a consistent track record of success and driving increased levels of profits & sales and business operations management from his keen and experienced business eye.

Sukhen Tanchaygya (nice name Ovi), who worked as a freelancer who went on to become the Chairman of Flix Expo & Digital Expo Technology. Sukhen used to be a regular student of Computer Graphics and Multimedia who after graduating with Computer Science and Engineering from Uttara University started his professional life as a freelancer.

Sukhen, who is currently the brain behind Digital Expo Technology, says branding and marketing are the key is to business success.

Being a business owner, it made me realize that you need to consider a few important facts before you try to market your brand because if you are not careful, then all of your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, if you are trying to establish your business online, you need to get in contact with the best service provider. As an online marketing company, it is important to keep up with the changes and updates of leading search engine. This helps to format the visibility with algorithm tricks and assurance of high ranking.

What it took him to become a big shot!

Sukhen firmly believes in what he said above and has made it his way of work. Thanks to the consistency and patient, Sukhen is now among the leading SEO and online marketers just because of his work dignity. He often says “success is not by chance, it’s the result of your hard work, sacrifice, and patience, above all, it’s about loving what you do.”

Like Albert Schweitzer said that – “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Sukhen believes in strategic and result-oriented programs. His consistent track of delivery and driving has increased the overall productivity of his clients. With eight years of experience under his belt, Sukhen has succeeded to establish his own online business in a saturated market like this. After years of hard work, Sukhen is the owner of a well-established company that offers a wide array of services including GEO Targeted SEO. Sukhen works for the affection of technology and follows his passion with his professional ambitions.


Sukhen offers services such as Web Ranking Theme, SEO consultancy, SEO management, Local SEO, Advanced Organic SEO, YouTube SEO, WordPress SEO, E-Commerce SEO, Online Reputation Management, Google Penalty Recover, Guest Posting and etc.


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We are passionate and moving fast. The value of our team. We loved to write and assist your dreams everyday insights with digital impact. We are open-source, because we spoke loudly. We are supportive and collaborate.

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Branding and marketing considered as the key of any business, being a business owner I realize the fact quite earlier. Like me if you are also a business owner you have to consider some facts before starting the business otherwise all your efforts will ruin among then the key is Branding and marketing. So, if you are trying to build your entrepreneur career online, you can contract with us. We know the basic changes and updates of Google and we can format the visibility using latest algorithm tricks and we also give you the guarantee that your site will be top listed in Google at all.



"Thank you, I am very satisfied with the results of your work, will definitely hire your services again”



"Sukhen did a great job for me and it was really impressive. i thought all the money will be waste like other dummy SEO specialist, but he's really nice guy and very talented person.”

David Brown

'From day one, my broker Sukhen Tanchangya - sounds funny even saying "my broke" because over the course of only a short amount of time he became "my friend." Sukhen has been there - above and beyond - in every aspect of not only the showing and the final sale. But every bump in the road - Sukhen was there to hold my hand. And i know some of the stuff he did was not in his job description. My Italian Grandma would call him: 'a piece of bread.' He's so good. I mean, the cherry on top is he got me an unheard of amount for my apartment. More than I could of dreamed. He's honest and he's good and he's been there for me like a best friend."